How to help get the Humane Cosmetics Act passed!

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bunniesHere’s how you can help get the Humane Cosmetics Act passed.

There are many alternatives to the current torturous testing that is done on animals to ensure a product is safe for humans. None of them are required by the FDA!! These alternatives are already being used by many manufacturers around the country.  They are not only cheaper, they’re more accurate, AND they don’t put any animals in danger.

Now that Congress is back in session, The Humane Cosmetics Act (HR 2858) is on the agenda.  This important bill will prohibit animal testing for cosmetics manufactured and/or sold in the United States.


What you can you do?

Simply request that your Federal representative support this legislation, by making a brief and polite phone call.  Find the phone number and email address for your legislator here

Please read more from the June 26th posting about this very same bill, and then call your representatives today and ask them to support The Humane Cosmetics Act (HR 2858).

Check to see if you’re using products made by companies who still test on animals, here.

Find a long list of cosmetics and other products that are safe and haven’t been tested on animals by clicking here.


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