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BachProducts.1Rescue groups find homes for their animals at adoption events., that’s why I always recommend the Bach flower essence, Rescue Remedy®.  The animals at adoption events have been saved from the euthanasia list; have been saved from abuse and abandonment; have been saved after being tossed out of cars or dumped into the desert; and have been saved from neglect, like being starved or chained for their entire lives.

A lot goes on at adoption events. You can imagine the stress level the animals experience after being transported, exposed to hundreds of other animals at all levels of excitement, and then contained for viewing.  But every dog and cat is there to find their forever home, so it’s important hat they’re on their best behavior.

Every rescue group, animal shelter, boarding facility, or pet owner should own at least one bottle of Bach Flower Essence Rescue Remedy®!

So what is Rescue Remedy®?

At a recent adoption event, a rescued boxer was having a very difficult time, was extremely fearful, and would not get into his cage. He most certainly would not have made a good impression on a potential adopter.Rescue Remedy® was offered and within a few moments, the boxer started to settle in and relax. It’s not called Yoga in a bottle for nothing!

Rescue Remedy® was discovered back in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach, who learned that the energy of plants can gently bring living beings back to a balanced emotional state. By sampling the early morning dew on certain plants Dr. Bach began observing the positive effects this essence had on his moods such as anger, fear, impatience, and anxiety. Over time he discovered 38 essences that assist balance and healing for a variety of emotional issues. Rescue Remedy® is a compilation of five of those essences.

When any living being (humans, animals, or plants) is given a remedy, the essence of the plant works to neutralize negative emotional energy, clearing a path to restore a balanced state of well being.

Animals benefit from these essences in amazing ways – it has an immediate calming effect.

Rescue Remedy® should be used for all stressful situations!  When rescuing an animal, dose them with Rescue Remedy® immediately.

If an animal has been injured, immediate administration of Rescue Remedy® will help curtail shock and keep them calm until help arrives.

If your pet doesn’t like being left alone, and if your animal is having issues adapting to its new surroundings, dose it with Rescue Remedy®. It is helpful for animals who fear loud noises such as thunder, and it quickly calms a dog who barks excessively or a cat who hisses.

During behavior training Rescue Remedy® will defuse stress and help your animal concentrate on the lessons.

Rescue Remedy® will help animals who constantly urinate or spray in unwanted places.

Does your animal lick constantly? Are they territorial? Are they jealous of the baby or other animals? Do they demand attention? Have you rescued an abused animal? Rescue Remedy® to the rescue!

The five essences in Rescue Remedy® are Impatiens, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum, Rock Rose, and Clematis.
• Simply, Impatiens is for impatience.
• Star of Bethlehem is for abused or mistreated animals or those who have experience trauma or shock.
• Cherry Plum is for loss of self control or an animal who violently scratches.
• Rock Rose is for terror, panic, trembling, and cowering.
• Clematis is for lack of interest in the present and dreaminess, often symptoms of shock.

This special mixture works amazingly fast, is very subtle, and it can be taken as many times as needed until your animal is calm. Since Rescue Remedy® is not a pharmaceutical there is no negative interaction with any medications your pet may be taking. It is completely safe.

Rescue Remedy® comes in liquid form with a dropper or in a spray bottle, and now there is a liquid Rescue Remedy® made specifically for animals that contains no alcohol. The spray bottle is the easiest and quickest form of application as it can be sprayed directly into the mouth, rubbed into the skin or the paw of an animal. The liquid can also be dropped directly into the mouth or applied to the skin. Ideally, a few drops of the liquid would be added to a small amount of water and sipped, but if water isn’t available the liquid can be applied directly to the skin, a few drops dripped directly into the mouth, or put a few drops on the paw of an animal. And by a few drops I mean two. The essences work from the energy of the plants and a very small amount is sufficient.

You can purchase Rescue Remedy® at any natural products stores such as Whole Foods, or you can buy it from Amazon and I’ll get a little commission to help keep Pet Welfare 411 in business.

Read more about Dr. Edward Bach, Rescue Remedy®, and all of the flower essences.

If you have further questions about how Rescue Remedy®, or want to know how any of the other essences can help your animals, send your questions to petwelfare411@gmail.com

NOTE: Do not give your animals the Pastilles (lozenges) version of Rescue Remedy®. It contains Xylitol which is very harmful to pets!