FBI ups criminal classification for animal abusers

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has taken some tough steps to increase the criminal classification for animal abusers from ‘B” (which includes forgery and trespassing), to  ‘A,’ the top tier of crime in the country, which includes kidnapping and homicide.

This bold reclassification in the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) will go into effect in 2016, and will begin the process of changing the way we, and our laws categorize animal abuse.

If you see animal cruelty happening, take action and report it directly to the FBI, or contact your local police or sheriff.

Convicted child abusers immediately go into a national registry, allowing parents of potential danger for their children in their neighborhoods.  Animal abusers need to be held to the same standard in order to protect the lives of local animals.

If you’d like to be part of creating an animal registry for abusers, and to help stop animal crimes before they happen, sign this petition, telling Tom Vilsack, the head of the USDA, that an animal abuser registry needs to be enacted, now.


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