Dogs and trucks

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dogsinpickuptruckToday I saw a pickup truck exit the freeway, and in the back of the open bed were two dogs!!!  I nearly rolled down my window and said something, but these days I hesitate so as not to get shot.  But I really wanted to tell the driver that if he loved his dogs, and cared about their safety, he’d pull over and let them sit with him in the cab.

Pickup trucks were originally designed for picking things up and hauling them somewhere. They have evolved over the decades from simple workhorses to luxury cars with towing capability. If you could call steel on wheels sexy, I’d say today’s modern pickup trucks fills the bill.

They were NOT, however, made to haul living things in the open bed! Oh, plants, shrubs, flowers, and trees are OK, but people – your kids, your wife, your friends, and your animals are NOT safe in the bed of your truck. If there isn’t room inside the cab then leave everyone at home.

Riding in the back of an old pickup along a country road was romantic and appealing when I was a kid, but today when I see people…or dogs…in the back of an open pickup bed, I get my heart in my throat and hope that someone or something doesn’t hit the truck.

Since the laws of physics are always in motion, when a driver slams on the brakes or swerves, whatever is in the back of the truck will continue in that direction until the motion is stopped, either by the sides of the bed or the back of the cab. If the truck flips, whatever is in the open bed will become airborne.

Actually, the same laws are in play when you have your dogs in the car and they are not secured in some way.  Years ago I recall hearing about a nasty accident on an Interstate where the dog was thrown out of the car, and the driver was taken to the hospital.  It was weeks later, and many hours of hand wringing and searching, but dog and driver were eventually reunited, but it all could have been prevented by the use of a restraint system.  The day I read that story, I went right out and bought a seat belt system for my dog!

No matter what, an open pickup truck bed is no way to transport your kids or your dogs, and neither is transporting your dog unbelted!

As for pickups, there simply isn’t any good reason for anything with a pulse to be in the open bed of a pickup truck. Not one! Put your loved ones – human and furry – in the cab of your pickup. Better yet…leave them home.

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