Me.3Over the last six decades I have been on the receiving end of unconditional love from a constant influx of cats, dogs, rabbits, the horses I rode, and the Robin my sister and I saved.   It wasn’t until 1994 that the dog who would connect my love for animals with my continuing passion for nutrition, came into my life.

A Rottweiler, T-bone grew to be 150 pounds of total love, and as his skeletal structure failed him, I became a voracious reader of all the alternative veterinarians. I am convinced that the protocol of fresh, organic food, supplements, and herbs extended his life, and kept him relatively pain free until he crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He was just over eight years old.  I still miss him every day!

Coincidentally, my Chinese astrology symbol is the dog, and I think I fit the characteristics of being loyal, sociable, courageous, diligent, stable, vivacious, adaptable, and smart! Physically, I am much shorter than I appear in print, or sound like on the phone.

I’ve volunteered at shelters in cities around the country, and actively participated in a fight to protect the animals in a shelter in California.  The conditions were deplorable and after much complaining and demanding of change, all 40 of us were fired.  So we attended and spoke at council meetings for the cities that were contracted for the animal control services, and we picketed the facility every Saturday, until we had a promise for change.  I moved out of state shortly after that, but I learned they hired a new manager and built a new facility, so it was worth the fight!

I served on the Board of Directors for Phoenix Animal Care & Coalition (PACC911,) an umbrella group that unites the 100+ rescue groups in Maricopa County, where I forged lasting relationships with other, like-minded and active advocates for animals.

Currently, I am proud to be a Deputy District Leader for Arizona’s 6th congressional district with the Humane Society of the United States.  Over the years I have learned that even with the best of intentions, without legislation, little can be done to protect animals.

My hope is that by reading this blog, you will learn something new each time.  I hope the links prove to be helpful, and I hope you enjoy the topics, picture and videos.

The white dog looking over the header of this blog is my Rosie, a rescued Pit Bull who spent the first two and a half years of her life in a 3′ X 6′ cell.  She was about to go kennel crazy when my friend pulled her into her group.  Once we met, Rosie adopted me.  She brought a steamer trunk size of issues with her from all of her days in that shelter, but over the years we learned to grow, love and respect each other and we had fun doing it.  She crossed the Bridge on February 17, 2014.  She is missed, but she watches over me every day, as does T-bone.

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Linda Francis