6 reasons to trash retractable leashes

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There are very likely many more reasons to trash your retractable leash, and I am sure just about everyone has a story or two to share, but here are 6.

  1. NO control. Regardless of the size of your dog, and with 30 feet of cord, there is basically no limit to your dog’s freedom when using a retractable leash, giving you absolutely not control where they go or with whom they engage. From that distance, commands by you are ignored, and your dog can wander into the street and get hit. One incident reported that a dog’s trachea was ripped open – not by the vehicle that hit him, but by the extreme jolt of the retractable leash when the pet parent tried to pull the dog back from the street.  Using a retractable leash in more remote areas, smaller dogs can become prey to wild animals.

A good leash to use for walking is 4-6 feet long and made of strong nylon or leather. Any leash beyond that length is generally used for training, tracking, search, or rescue. 

  1. Scary. With too much free space from the retractable leash, there is no way you can dictate the amount of contact your dog will have with other dogs, cats, or humans. Even if your dog is friendly, it doesn’t mean that other owners and their dogs are excited to be approached by yours.  And dropping the leash can startle your dog, or other dogs in the area, and your dog could run, dragging the bouncing handle with them.  If you try to grab it back, you can give yourself severe rope burn, or worse.
  2. Breakable.  Yes, retractable leashes break! If you insist on continuing to use yours, always examine the entire length of the cord and look for tears, fraying or rips.  Also, be sure the size you purchase is strong enough for the size, weight, and strength of your dog.
  3. Injuries.  There are countless ways people and pets have been injured by using retractable leashes. Bystanders or passersby can become tangled in the cord.  You, the handler, can end up with severe lacerations, or your fingers could become amputated.  And your dog, or other animals, can become entangled, resulting in injury or fighting between multiple dogs.  It’s happened!! dangers of retractable leashes
  4. Pulling.  If your dog suddenly runs after something, the momentum can build with the length of the retractable leash.  Not only can this hurt their throat, neck, or back, but countless users have gotten tangled in the line, have dislocated joints, or have fallen, resulting in a visit to the hospital.
  5. The button. Hardly anyone knows how to use the button! Again, if you insist on continuing to walk your dog using the retractable leash, then learn to operate it properly, and keep your thumb on the button AT ALL TIMES!

Keep you, your dog, your neighbors, and your neighbors dogs safe at all times.  Buy a standard leather or nylon leash!

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