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blissful puppyThe following 14 essences help stressful pets!.  Though there are a total of 38 essences from Bach Flower Essences, these 14 can be used alone and in combination to help all fur kids, including horses.  I’ve had GREAT success using these essences on all of the fur kids who’ve passed through my home. 

Aspen – Is your pet fearful or just generally nervous?  Does your dog or cat demonstrate aggression or excessive hissing or barking due of fear? Does he/she exhibit unexplained agitation?  Aspen is the perfect essence for fear of the unknown and for general nervousness and anxiety and will bring about a sense of security and peace.

Aspen can provide a sense of peace and security.   By adding Mimulus, the formula will address fears, both known and unknown.

Gorse – Does your pet seem to be unhappy, present the symptoms of depression, or appear discouraged?   In severe shelter cases, dogs and cats have often given up hope, so Gorse is recommended for long-timers, owner surrenders, and puppy mill dogs.

Gorse can provide a sense of hope and will help your pet experience a more positive outlook on life. 

Holly Is your pet jealous, envious, or exhibit cruel or aggressive behavior?

Holly works well to help dogs and cats become more accepting, harmonious, and loving. 

Honeysuckle – If your pet appears to be homesick (especially for owner surrenders at shelters), or overly attached to the past?

Honeysuckle can help your pet adjust to their new home environment and be surer of themselves.  Adding Mustard and Rock Rose to the formula may help pull them out of depression, make them more joyful, and give them courage.

Hornbeam – Was your pet engaged in life and now seems uninterested in anything?  Do they display fatigue, lethargy, or are they having a tough time getting started?

Hornbeam can help bring about a sense of enthusiasm and spontaneity. It’s also recommended post-surgery or post competition. 

Impatiens – Does your dog have unusual boundless energy?  Are they impatient to go for a walk, to play, or be fed?  Is your pet accident prone or do they pace frequently?  Could they be hyperactive with a short attention span?  Is your cat intolerant of people?  Does your dog or cat have accidents in the house that are not caused by a medical issue?

Impatiens can help your pet be more patient and settled. 

Mimulus – Is your pet afraid of thunder, vet visits, lightening?  Do they shake or shiver from fear?  Are they shy or timid?  Does your dog display fear of other dogs or people?  Used for fear of known things like pain, people, other dogs, objects, etc. Used along with Aspen since it is difficult to determine exactly what a dog fears. It helps them face their fears with confidence.

Mimulus can help your pet with general anxiety, fear aggression, guarding, territorial behavior, excessive barking, and could help with marking, and make them feel more confident and courageous. 

Olive – Is your dog or cat recovering from a long illness, or have they suffered from malnutrition?  Do they appear to be mentally and/or physically exhausted.

Olive can give them the needed strength and desire to carry on.

Rescue Remedy®– This is the most famous remedy of all the flower essences. This combines five remedies that are specifically suited for trauma and stressful situations. Included in Rescue Remedy are: Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

Rescue Remedy is the all-purpose formula that’s recommended for emergencies and extremely demanding or stressful situations.  It’s extremely useful for dogs and cats in shelters.  They “show” better when they’re calmer.  Rescue Remedy has been called Yoga in a Bottle!

To learn more about the Rescue Remedy formula, read http://www.petwelfare411.com/flower-essences-and-pets/

Rock Rose – Has your dog or cat experienced true terror?  Have they become hysterical, attempted to escape or had a panic attack?  These fears are generally brief and are related to a specific crisis.

Rock Rose can help restore courage and presence of mind and may help to bring a sense of calm to certain stressful situations. Used mostly for acute signs of stress and anxiety.

Star of Bethlehem – Was your pet abused?  Has your dog or cat had a serious injury, lost a pet sibling or human, or were they lost or owner surrendered at a shelter?

Star of Bethlehem will help neutralize the effects of shock or trauma.   

Vervain – Is your dog or cat restless and unable to relax?  Do they exhibit extreme enthusiasm?

Vervain helps animals be calm and able to relax.  This remedy is good for herding breeds and dogs who don’t get enough exercise.  Add Chestnut Bud to observe and learn from others.

White Chestnut – Does your dog or cat lick themselves excessively or compulsively?  Are they constantly chewing, marking indoors, or appear restless during sleep?

White Chestnut can bring about peace of mind and promote hope and clear thought. 

Wild Rose – Does your dog or cat no longer seem interested in food, play, or social contact?  Are they suffering from a lingering illness?  This remedy is recommended for animals from shelters, puppy mills, or hoarding situations.

Wild Rose will help your pet become interested in life again.

To use these formulas alone or mixed with multiple remedies, get a bottle with a dropper in which to mix the liquids.  Use two drops of each remedy and add purified water to fill the bottle.  You can mix up to five remedies in one bottle.

Dose your pet with 4 drops of the mixture at least 4 times a day until the bottle is empty.  The drops can be added to food, rubbed into ears, paws, or belly.  Just be sure to get the liquid into the system of your pet.

Using more than two drops of each remedy won’t work any better, since these tinctures are based on energy rather than volume.

Occasionally, adjustments need to be made to find a formula that works for your pet.  Be patient.  It took me three custom formulas to find one that worked on Penny!!

ALL Bach Flower Remedies are a safe, effective and non-toxic alternative to troubling and emotional behavioral issues. They are a healthy addition to the overall well-being of your pets.

For more information on Bach Flower Remedies, check out their website .

Rescue Remedy®comes in both liquid or spray.  There is a pet version that is alcohol free, if that is your preference, but the amount of alcohol is negligible.  Personally, I prefer the spray bottles since I can lift up a lip flap and spray the Rescue Remedy directly into the mouth of my dog or cats.

I welcome questions and comments on my blog, or you can email me at petwelfare411@gmail.com.


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